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A very long time ago, in the WUYI region in southern China, a very serious epidemic spread and decimated the populations. The chief of the region and his people prayed to the God Yahuang for help. The South Sea Bodhisattva was also affected. He sent seven fairies from the sky to help him. The latter took rainwater and watered three tea trees located on the Great Jiulong Rock on which, according to Chinese legend, nine dragons stayed. During the night, all the inhabitants had the same dream: a sick old lady took a bath in infusion of this tea and regained health, youth and jade skin. Everyone then imitated him, then were cured... To this day, tea baths are part of the custom and are very popular in China.


Thémaé, the Japanese name for the tea preparation ceremony, symbolizes a universe of sensations, beauty and pleasure which comes to life at the heart of a truly different line of care. Tea is a plant containing more than 30% polyphenols (one of the highest concentrations known to date) and has an anti-oxidant power 200 times greater than vitamin E. Thus tea contributes to slowing down signs of aging in the skin by neutralizing free radicals that degrade collagen and elastin. Thémaé celebrates the virtues of tea and restores them to the heart of each formula in the precious Complexe des 4 Thés® which combines regenerating white tea, stimulating black tea, soothing oolong known as “blue tea” and anti-oxidant green tea. Each treatment enhances one of these teas and combines it with balanced spring water to preserve its absolute purity.



An exclusive care line that enhances tea in all its forms. Dedicated to the face and body, these beautiful textures promise results and absolute well-being. Developed by an expert laboratory and according to very rigorous specifications, formulated from the Complexe des 4 Thés® (combining anti-oxidant green tea, regenerating white tea, soothing oolong called “blue tea” and stimulating black tea) and made from very pure spring water, these treatments are real treasures for the skin which is gradually transformed upon contact. An experience to savor like a rare tea from a distant land...

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